“Whether flying the V/STOL Harrier Attack Jet, shuttling passengers coast to coast in an Airbus A320, or controlling military aviation assets in putting bombs on target, I cant afford to make a mistake.

I never want to jeopardize the safety of my team, passengers, and equipment, or put the mission at risk. So wherever I can, I utilize documented procedures and check-lists to assist me in managing my duties. They minimize the likelihood of making a mistake and give me the peace of mind that I am operating my systems correctly and efficiently. Most importantly, they help me manage my mission successfully.

That’s why I like TeamReadiness. They document your procedures in easy to understand multi-media formats. And they provide an online knowledge management tool (TRM On Demand™) to help you and your team achieve the highest levels of performance.

Lets face it, we all have more than enough to worry about when carrying out our day-to-day responsibilities. So why not take advantage of all the help you can get?”

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