TeamReadiness® uses affordable video technology to quickly and fully document your team members as they demonstrate and explain their important information (procedures, policies, practices, etc.).

Video captures all the information, in highly visual detail, that people need to know to do their jobs. Then we convert the video into documentation that is easy-to-understand, and easy-to-share with other team members for reference, training, collaboration, communications, and inspiration.

The video documentation is edited into succinct video presentations or into printable documents such as task sheets, checklists, operating manuals, lessons learned, etc.

We Document Your:


1. Procedures, Checklists, & Job "How To's"
  • How to do a particular job, operation, roles & responsibilities, etc.
2. User Manuals & Handbooks
  • User manuals, instruction manuals, product manuals, service manuals, repair manuals, installation manuals, assembly manuals, etc. for equipment, products, software, tests, repairs, etc.
3. Emergency Plans
  • Fire, severe weather, medical emergencies, etc.
4. Corporate Policies
  • Expected behavior, Employee Handbooks; rules governing sexual harassment, alcohol, vacation, hostile work environment, etc.
5. Best Practices & Lessons Learned
  • Experiential wisdom, After action reports, post-project reviews, benchmarking, customer visit reports, etc.
6. Tools & Techniques
  • How to use things like Six Sigma, measuring machines, budgets, etc.
7. Process Documentation
  • New Product Development, Supply-chain Management, ISO 9001, etc.
8. Demonstrations
  • Product features & benefits, techniques, failure modes, "what not to do," etc.
9. Change Initiatives
  • Implementation activities for new processes, policies, programs, systems, etc.
10. Problem Solving & Collaboration
  • Documentation & comments from team members, suppliers, etc., working together to solve design, manufacturing, service, issues, etc.
11. Report Templates (Custom, Online, & Secure)
  • End-of-Shift Reports, Disabled List, Mileage Logs, Minutes, etc.
12. Presentations, Events, and Communications
  • Presentations, conferences, announcements, etc.
13. Strategic Alignment
  • Communicate your strategy, mission, values, program objectives, goals, etc.
14. Leadership Development
  • Programs aimed at developing leaders and managers, etc.
15. Compelling Stories
  • Team members, customers, suppliers, etc., telling stories that inform, inspire, and entertain.

 and more...!

TeamReadiness®' Easy Knowledge Capture Process

Easy Knowledge Capture Procedure

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You demonstrate your procedures, policies, etc., and we turn it into easy to understand documentation for:

  • Reference
  • Training
  • Communications
  • Collaboration

TeamReadiness' Mission:
Easily capture and share knowledge so that people know how to do their jobs, and can do them well.

Top down Task Sheet

Task Sheet - side by side format

Sample Task Sheets

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Screenshot: Fire Safety Plan


Screenshot: Software Application Procedure


Screenshot: Control Panel Operation


Screenshot: Repair Procedure


Screenshot: Facility Tour


Screenshot: Telephone System Operation