TeamReadiness®' Core Competency:

Low cost, high value ability to collect, document, share, and administer the knowledge used to maximize team performance.

TeamReadiness® defines a core competency as something that we do that is valued in the marketplace, difficult for competitors to imitate, and provides a source of competitive advantage to propel our business activities.

TeamReadiness®' measures its success based on how well we deliver value to our customers. Therefore, our metrics focus on our core competency processes to collect, document, share, and administer the knowledge our customer's need to maximize the performance of their operations. TeamReadiness® makes it possible for teams of all sizes to achieve "readiness" - the demonstrated ability to perform specific duties as required. To do that, we need low cost, high value capabilities.

TeamReadiness®' Core Competencies Metrics

TeamReadiness Core Competency Metrics Inkscape
Individual team members achieve "readiness" when they can repeatedly and confidently demonstrate the ability to perform their required duties - on time, without error, safely, as expected. Achieving "team readiness" requires that the "readiness" capability resides within the team, beyond the dependence of any one person, or perfect operating conditions.

An organization should not stop functioning, or be put at risk, or make mistakes because "the person who usually does that job" is out that day, or because someone can't remember what to do, or because problems can't get solved fast enough, or because someone can't find the necessary information or paperwork.

To address these issues, teams must be able to easily capture and share knowledge so that team members are equipped to perform their duties. TeamReadiness® enables teams by assisting them with the ability to collect, document, share, and administer their knowledge.

TeamReadiness® seeks to measure, so as to continuously improve, it's core competencies using the 5 basic building blocks of most metrics: time, money, quantity, conformance-to-specification (quality), and satisfaction.