1. People know exactly how to do their jobs - alleviates mistakes; reduces stress

  • Pictures & videos of people demonstrating how to do a task to “teach by doing” makes learning easy
  • Quickly fill skill gaps and minimize risk of jobs done incorrectly
  • Minimize time and expense required to do a job, rework, equipment damage; repairs, & downtime

2. People know how to prevent or respond to incidents

  • Minimize loss of life, injury, property damage, insurance claims, and lawsuits
  • Policies, procedures, and training can mitigate the risk of an incident occurring

3. People have clear understanding of company policies and expectations

  • Minimize the risk of bad, inappropriate, or criminal behavior
  • Create a more harmonious and positive work environment
  • Impose and demonstrate consistent training and enforcement of organization policies
  • Provide clear expectations and consequences for such things as absenteeism, deadlines, work quality, information security, harassment, drug and alcohol abuse, and discrimination

4. Task delegation, empowerment, and accountability

  • Able to delegate tasks with clarity and confidence
  • Free-up time for team members to focus on more complex projects
  • Minimizes dependence on specific individuals or contractors
  • Improve coverage during vacations, illness, and absence

5. Because we all forget...

  • Clear documentation on how to do a procedure enables team members to refer to the documentation when ever necessary
  • Relying on memory alone can lead to confusion, delays, insecurity, stress, and mistakes

6. Enhanced product & technical support

  • Customers can quickly see exactly how to operate and/or service their products
  • Field service and product support team members have easy access to operating and service instructions

7. Improve operating efficiency

  • Clearly documented procedures enable jobs to be done faster,  more reliably, and with greater confidence
  • Eliminate waste, cost & risk of “reinventing” or “re-teaching” a procedure every time it is performed
  • More easily integrate new people into the organization
  • Knowledge & experience is retained as people come and go
  • Enables continuous improvement activities through documentation and collaboration
  • Quickly communicate and integrate procedural changes

8. Improve customer satisfaction

  • High performing team members provide a greater level of service
  • Customers see the results of a well run operation; downtime is minimized; perfect order fulfillment is achieved
  • Customers gain greater confidence in team member’s ability to meet their needs

9. Improve sales process

  • Potential customers see tangible evidence that team members are prepared to provide a well run operation

10. Minimize training costs and learning curves

  • Videos/photos showing team members demonstrating their procedures makes learning fast and easy
  • Training focused on your unique operations maximizes efficiency and a team's ability to support your mission
  • Training can be created, updated, and continuously improved quickly, easily, and affordably
  • Training courses can be utilized as often as necessary, by as many people as desired
  • Online delivery for secure, “any time/any where” access
  • Online training ensures that everyone is getting the same information, the same consistent message
  • Automatic email notification reminds people to complete online courses, tests, or to view documents
  • Easily create customized tests and certifications to reinforce and encourage learning

11. Lower the risk of liability

  • You have plans for incidents/emergencies and policies
  • You provide training for those incidents/emergencies and policies
  • You have online records, electronic agreements, and test scores showing people received and understood the training content

12. Improve team member satisfaction

  • Team members feel satisfaction in knowing how to do their jobs correctly and with confidence
  • Team members feel less stress from having to perform multiple complex procedures from memory; as such, they are less likely to make costly mistakes
  • Team members are recognized and valued for their contributions and expertise when they demonstrate and share their knowledge through video documentation
  • Customized certification award certificates create esprit de corps, and a sense of pride and accomplishment

13. Compliance with regulations & best practices

  • Documents are stored online - safe, secure, accessible
  • Required procedures, plans, & training are available

14. Promotes a learning organization and culture

  • Enables continuous capture, transfer, improvement, retention, and reuse of knowledge, necessary to build a world-class organization
  • People have a tool to document and share their best practices

15. First Responders’ information is readily available to assist in an emergency

  • Easily maintain list of people needing assistance in an emergency
  • Critical building & tenant information readily available to first responders
  • Hazardous material information readily available
  • Neighborhood information about people, facilities, and resources that could help with an emergency or that should be considered when addressing an emergency