Easily Share Knowledge using TRM On Demand™

Release 2.0
Easy Knowledge Sharing is achieved using our TeamReadiness® Management (TRM) software application, TRM On Demand™. This is our online Software-as-a-Service application that securely captures, stores, and delivers all your TeamReadiness® information and content. This includes videos & printable documents of procedures, plans, processes, practices, polices, etc., plus training courses, tests, reports, and administration information. TRM On Demand™ gives teams of all sizes, in all locations, the tools and capabilities they need to perform their jobs at the highest possible state of readiness.

As a Software-as-a-Service, On Demand application, there is nothing to install on your computer, download, or maintain. Simply log-in to the secure web site at TeamReadiness.com (or your organization's web site) and begin using the software. TeamReadiness® does everything for you.

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Document Storage & Viewing

  • Documents such as procedures, check-lists, policies, plans, etc. are stored securely online for anytime, anywhere access by password assigned users
  • Documents can be in a variety of formats such as videos, pdf files, JPEGs, Microsoft Word, etc.
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive navigation format similar to Microsoft's Windows Explorer and common web pages

Online Training Courses

  • Customized online training courses
  • Includes course title, description, and materials in one easy-to-access location

Online Testing & Certification

  • Test wizard easily creates customized multiple choice and true/false tests
  • Automated test scoring and email notification of results
  • Personalized and customized course completion certificates (“certificate of achievement”) that are suitable for framing, can be automatically emailed to a user upon passing a test

User Comments & Collaboration

  • For documents and course materials, ability for users to post comments
  • User comments help optimize and continuously improve knowledge and readiness
  • Ability to post and read comments is engaging, encourages participation, and generates user interest

Easily Customized Report Forms (Text & Spreadsheet)

  • Report form wizard for creating customized report form templates in text and spreadsheet format
  • Report forms can be used to easily capture, maintain, and distribute secure and controlled information in real-time
  • Examples of report forms include: list of people with special needs for fire plan compliance, security guard incident report and end-of-shift reports, preventive maintenance logs, vehicle usage logs, etc.

Roles & Users

  • Controls document access privileges by user’s role
  • Each document and course is accessible only for users assigned a specified role
  • Roles are given options for Create, Read, Update, & Delete privileges pertaining to documents
  • Individual users can only see and access content for which they have authorization

Site Specific Home Page

  • Customer’s easy-to-edit and update “Billboard/Postings” page
  • Post timely announcements (e.g., repair notices, events, etc.), emergency plans & phone numbers, Marquee videos, etc.

Automated System Administration

  • Usage reports and records information is automatically collected when users login and access content on TRM On Demand™
  • Automatic email notifications and reminders for new documents, document changes, courses and tests, communications, etc. (occurs at set intervals until action is completed)
  • TRM On Demand™ is delivered over the internet so there is none of the traditional information technology administration -- no software installations or updates or maintenance to perform

Usage Reports & Records

  • Usage reports (e.g., who viewed what and when)
  • Records of tests completed with answers submitted and scores
  • "Court-Friendly" usage reports to demonstrate compliance and mitigate risk of liabilities
  • User agreements pertaining to documents that they have been read and understood
  • Records of sent email reminders and notifications

Password Controlled, Secure Access

  • Users' must enter their unique login name and password to access TRM On Demand™
  • The Login page is protected with an SSL certificate, similar to what banks, stock brokerages, and other mission critical sites use to help ensure security over the internet

Access TRM On Demand™ From Your Organizations' Web Site

  • TeamReadiness® can provide a link to TRM On Demand™ on your organizations' web site
  • Your team members can log-in directly through your organizations' web site