TeamReadiness Drives Competitive Advantage

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“An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.”

– Jack Welch , Former Chairman & CEO of The General Electric Company

An organization has competitive advantage when it is able to regularly outperform its competitor’s. When it regularly generates more sales and/or profit margin in a particular market segment.

Greater sales are attributed to superior:

  • Products,
  • Quality,
  • Service, and/or
  • Price

Similarly, superior profit margins are the result of an ability to:

  • Charge higher prices, and/or
  • Operate at lower costs.

An organization achieves competitive advantage when its able to do a better job than its competitors in managing, developing, and utilizing the resources it controls. Creating better products, responding faster to customer requests, operating more efficiently, etc., etc..

The ability to enable team members with the knowledge, information skills, tools, and training they need to execute the business strategy and satisfy customers is the key to achieving competitive advantage. Team members must be fully capable and equipped to do the jobs they have been assigned.

TeamReadiness drives competitive advantage by enabling team members to have the knowledge, information, skills, tools, and training they need to consistently deliver superior results in the marketplace.

If you are not achieving competitive advantage in your market segments, let TeamReadiness help by giving team members the capabilities they need to do deliver superior results. Consider the readiness documentation categories and the features of TRM On Demand™ software shown below:

competitive advantage

TeamReadiness makes it easy to capture and share knowledge so team members can do their jobs and do them well, TeamReadiness uses video to capture your team members as they demonstrate or explain your critical procedures, policies, training, etc. and then convert the video into a documentation format that makes it easy to understand and use. With TRM On Demand™ software, the documentation can be securely stored and access by team members for reference, training, testing & certification, collaboration, report writing, and communications. Equipping team members with superior capabilities, tools and knowledge will yield superior results and drive competitive advantage for your organization in the marketplace.


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