“Top 10” Readiness Documentation Categories…

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…used by teams to reference, train, communicate, collaborate, and inspire so they have the information and knowledge they need to do their jobs and do them well.

(rankings are not prioritized)

1. Job “How To’s”

  • How to do a particular job or operation, Roles & Responsibilities, etc.

2. Standard Operating Procedures and Operating Manuals

  • How to operate a specific machine, product, or software application, etc.
  • How to conduct a specific test, repair, or maintenance operation, etc.
  • How to obtain medical insurance, enroll in the 401K program, or fill out a time card, etc.

3. Emergency Plans

  • What to do in the event of a fire, chemical spill, or if someone stops breathing, etc.

4. Policies

  • Expectations for behavior and conduct that must be followed.
  • Workplace Violence, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Dress Code, etc.

5. Problem Solving & Collaboration

  • Team members post information and solicit comments regarding a specific problem or issue that needs to be addressed.
  • How to solve an engineering or manufacturing problem, how to handle a difficult customer situation, how to conduct a productive meeting, etc.

6. Tools & Techniques

  • Instructional information, case studies, step-by-step checklists, etc., on how to investigate, analyze, and solve problems.
  • How to do Six Sigma techniques, apply “Theory of Constraints,” interpret Coordinate Measuring Machine results, etc.

7. Process Documentation and Change Initiatives

  • New Product Development, Supply-chain Management, ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, etc.
  • Phases, steps, tasks, activities, deliverables, roles & responsibilities, metrics, templates, etc.
  • Change initiatives aimed at transforming an organization’s behavior and way of doing things so as to produce improved performance or policy compliance.

8. Lessons Learned & Best Practices

  • Information that is useful or recommended to achieve success, avoid problems, deal with issues, etc.
  • Experiential wisdom, post-project assessments, advice, historical records, benchmarking study results, techniques, polices, etc.

9. Reports

  • Meeting Minutes, End-of-Shift Reports, Disabled List, Mileage Log, Product or System Test Reports, Customer Visit Reports, etc.

10. Events, Communications, Announcements, Promotion of Culture, Values, & History

  • Presentations, Conference Proceedings, Announcements, Public Relations Press Releases, etc.
  • Documentation used to define, communicate, and inspire the organization.
  • How the organization was started, significant events and time-lines, challenges that were faced and overcome, values that the organization stands for and upholds, Charter presentations and expectations for success and conduct, etc.


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